Julie Strain

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Porn star Julie Strain is a sex chameleon. Her gallery is filled with photos of hers in different hair colors, outfits and accessories. It’s hard to pick which Julie Strain clip stands out, but the one sure things is she’s so hot.
It’s not hard to figure why Julie Strain is babe-licious: her eyes are so tempting; it’s hard not keep your hands off her big, rounded breasts; and her long legs are seductive. The Julie Strain video collection shows her versatility, such as a vampirella and sorceress, but her best image is a leggy, horny ho.
Julie Strain have been in the porn business for nearly two decades. She sizzled in hits such as “Bimbo Movie Bash”. “Lingerie Boulevard” and “The Bare Wench Project”. Both men and women are crazy in lust with her, so there are plenty of sexciting hardcore action, blow job and pussy-licking.
This strumpet rather bares her naked glory and dares her horny fans to join her in a joyride. So is there anyone who wants to hop in?

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Posted on September 24th 2008 in Individual Pornstars

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